The Man Who Gave It All Up for Litecoin

In brief

  • John Kim went all-in on cryptocurrencies in 2018.
  • But the markets took a tumble and two years later, he’s still homeless.
  • In 2021, he says, those who called him foolhardy will be proved wrong.

In August 2018, John Kim sold his house and gave the proceeds to his wife. Earlier in the year, he had sold his profitable business and put his life savings into cryptocurrencies. Then he got in his van, emblazoned with the Litecoin logo, and set off on a one-man campaign to raise awareness and adoption of his favorite cryptocurrency among the masses. 

In the past two years, he’s given away thousands of dollars in Litecoin and persuaded restaurants and bars throughout the United States to accept it as a fast and easy means of payment.

John Kim: 100% committed to Litecoin. Image: John Kim

“They called me a Litecoin evangelist. But I’m really a simple man with a simple plan. I believe the best way to get people into crypto is to show them an example and let them experience it for themselves,” Kim told Decrypt on a recent call from Texas, where he is weathering the coronavirus storm. 

He’s still homeless, has been criticized for being foolhardy and reckless, and admits…


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