The March of the Metaverse By DailyCoin

The March of the Metaverse

The Metaverse. It’s all around us but nowhere to be seen at the same time. It’s the thing that everyone is talking about but, secretly, you don’t really understand what it is. You nod your head and smile with a falsified expression of wisdom as if you have some kind of inside knowledge; as if you already live inside it…

People always fear the unknown. Every new leap in technology brings with it great resistance. My grandfather once told me about the first time he brought home a television set for his family. The pride and joy that he felt upon unwrapping the television, to the delight of his family, evaporated over the next few days, and he quickly grew to hate the TV. The new technology had become the focal point of the house, and the nights spent having chats and playing family games disappeared quickly and without a moment’s regret in the minds of his daughters, as they sat transfixed by the new source of entertainment that had infiltrated the home.

Sad times for grandpa, but can you imagine a world without television screens now? It’s impossible to imagine it; just try it!

His resistance to change was natural, but inevitably TVs…


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