The Tattoo Shop Project Publishes Two of Nine Planned NFT Collections

More than 10,000 unique NFTs set to merge into 4,165 Master NFT art pieces

UNITED STATES , June 17, 2022 / — TatTech Inc.’s NFT Art project called “The Tattoo Shop” announced today the minting second half of its Genesis NFT collection – the “Alien Inkling King” and “The Tattoo Artist” – encompassing two unique collections created by a collaboration of six world-celebrated tattoo artists.

The first collection called “The Tattoo Artist” has a supply of 6,248 and was minted two weeks for free by The Tattoo Shop NFT Project. As a way of giving back to the community, this first of the nine phases gave 6,248 rare unique pieces of art for free.

The second collection, the “Alien Inkling King,” with a supply of 4,165 pieces of NFT art, is set for public release on June 17th at 8pm PT for 0.1111 ETH.

When combined, these two collections will merge into 4,165 unique Tattoo Shop Master NFTs. Both collections will be fairly distributed as collaborative digital NFT artwork, with the mission of strengthening the digital art and tattoo communities.

It’s the goal of TatTech Inc. to discover,…


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