Top 5 New Crypto Books to Read in 2022

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While podcasts seem to have taken over as the most popular medium for educational content in the cryptocurrency space, crypto books remain an excellent way to learn about Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), digital assets, and other crypto technologies.

Read on to discover a list of five recently published books you can check out if you want to learn more about Bitcoin and cryptoassets.

The Bullish Case for Bitcoin

The Bullish Case for Bitcoin by Vijay Boyapati makes a riveting case for Bitcoin through a fast-paced journey of the historical setting of money, the properties of different types of money, and why Bitcoin is the world’s best store of value and form of money. In the book, Boyapati also argues that Bitcoin has the potential to displace other forms of money.

The Bullish Case for Bitcoin was initially published as a long-form article before it was published as a book. The author discusses the anatomy of Bitcoin and why it’s better than gold or other fiat currencies that existed before its inception.

If you have read the long-form article, The Bullish Case for Bitcoin book is an excellent follow-up read as Boyapati has expanded on the ideas he presented in the article. Additionally, the book takes a non-technical approach when it comes to introducing Bitcoin, making it a great read for beginners. reader’s ranking: 4.5

Check Your Financial Privilege

Check Your Financial Privilege is a book authored by Alex Gladstein and arguably one of the most interesting Bitcoin books in the market. Besides being an author, Gladstein is the Chief Strategy Officer at the Human Rights Foundation, a regular contributor to the Bitcoin Magazine, and a Bitcoin advocate.

His book, Check Your Financial Privilege, starts by stating that anyone born into a reserve currency such as the euro, pound, or yen, is financially privileged compared to the 89% of the world that’s born into a…


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