Top Rated & Trusted NFTs To Watch

Are you looking for the Best NFT Projects for 2022?. The NFTs have gained traction over the past year, and recently Popular NFT projects are trying to bridge the gap between web 3 and web 2 space. Fashion, sports, art, music, and comics are some industries NFTs have entered and offer different utilities to the holders. 

The overnight success of several Leading NFT projects is inspiring others to join this space. But before putting the time plus money into NFTs, finding out which projects to invest in is essential. Without the proper knowledge, most NFT collectors or traders end up buying digital artwork that is of no benefit.

In this article, we are covering the Top NFT project to watch, which are already established projects and safe and trusted as well. 

The Best NFT Projects In 2022 :


There are ample NFT projects launched on a day-to-day basis. But only a handful will be able to rise and fulfill all the things mentioned in the roadmap plus build an excellent community for their holders. Knowing the upcoming projects beforehand can help NFT traders or collectors find the best projects with lucrative potential.

With the NFT trading volume reaching billions on…


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