Two Argentinian Banks to Reportedly Launch Crypto Trading Services

Two banks in Argentina will be allowing their clients to purchase cryptocurrencies via their official websites. The pair are Banco Galicia – the nation’s largest private bank in terms of market value, and Brubank – a fully digital bank.

The two entities have partnered with the crypto wallet Lirium for the new service, which will reportedly be available to clients on Monday. For Banco Galicia, the feature will first be available to customers whose salaries are directly deposited to the bank.

Banks in Argentina Embracing Crypto Trading

According to Bloomberg, Banco Galicia’s decision was fueled by high customer demand, especially from the younger generations. This was evident when 60% of the participants from one of its surveys said they would like to access crypto assets through the bank.

Two officials from the bank – Ariel Sanchez, the manager of investment…


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