UK groom-to-be tried to rob a store after crypto scam

A British groom-to-be was caught on camera getting tackled while trying to hold up a store — just moments after learning he’d lost the money to pay for his wedding in a crypto scam, a court was told.

Charity worker Louis Crosby, 25, had “naively” converted his life savings into a bogus digital-cash investment, the Sunderland Echo said.

Less than an hour after finding out that he had lost the lot in a con, he grabbed an unloaded air pistol and tried to hold up a local bodega-style store, Newcastle Crown Court heard this week.

“Give me the money, I have a gun,” he reportedly warned.

Video footage showed him wearing all black, with a scarf and sunglasses covering most of his face, as he slowly walked up to the counter last November.

Two male staffers ignored the threat, locking away the cash — and then walked around and tackled him. The footage showed Crosby desperately trying to get back outside the store, just for the workers to keep grabbing hold of him, eventually hauling him back inside for a citizen’s arrest.

Louis Crosby reportedly attempted to rob the store with an unloaded air pistol an hour after learning he lost his money in the scam.
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During the struggle, the store owner picked up a broken broom handle because he “feared for his life,” prosecutors reportedly told the court hearing.

When cops arrived, Cosby initially claimed it had been “a joke,” the court was told.

However, the first-time offender eventually admitted to attempted robbery and possessing a firearm, the Echo said.

Louis Crosby
Louis Crosby was caught on camera getting tackled by the store owners.
North News & Pictures Ltd

He “wasn’t thinking straight” at the time because he had lost the money he needed to wed a Singapore woman he’d met online, his attorney, Nicholas Lane, told the court.

Ironically, the planned wedding had to be scrapped because of his arrest, the court was told….


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