Ukraine’s Top Video Game Devs, Artists to Drop Charity NFT Collection

It’s been almost 3 months since the Ukraine-Russia war broke out in February this year. Yet, there seems to be no end in sight for the war. In the latest bid to raise funds for war efforts, Ukraine’s top video game devs and artists are coming together to drop a charity NFT collection on May 19th.

Welcome to Free Ukraine. Credit: Stanislav Lunin.

Ukraine’s top video game devs and artists to drop a charity NFT collection

Titled “Avatars for Ukraine”, you can find a total of 70 digital artworks in this charity NFT collection. These artworks essentially depict the bravery of Ukrainians in the war. Each piece of art comes from the amazing works by Ukraine’s top game devs such as Rainbow Six and artists such as Stanislav Lunin.

On May 19th, the NFT collection will be put up for auction on the MetaHistory NFT platform. Given that, the team will use 100% of the proceeds from the NFT sale to buy medical aid for Ukrainian defenders.

However, there are other ways to help Ukraine apart from buying NFTs from the charity NFT collection. Those who wish to lend a helping hand can always choose to donate funds instead. According to its website, you can download images of these…


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