What Are Privacy Coins, And Why Are They Gaining In Popularity

Privacy coins like Monero, Dash, and Haven have enjoyed substantial boosts in popularity recently. Given recent struggles on both geopolitical and domestic fronts, and governments who have begun to place more regulatory scrutiny on cryptocurrency, the move is with merit.


Because crypto investors have begun to realize a move to independent, privacy-based cryptocurrencies puts control back into their hands. 

With the stability and privacy of certain private finance (PriFi) coins such as Haven, or the privacy of other coins such as Monero, investors have started to look at these tokens as options to help navigate the fallout and volatility of these tumultuous times we’re living through.

The future, it seems, is gravitating towards an increased movement of funds from traditional cryptos to privacy focused tokens. 

Here’s a deep dive on why.

Growing Instability In The Geopolitical Landscape 

The situation that surrounds the complexities of war is not in question. War is never something that either side ultimately wins, as lives are lost, communities are displaced, and difficulty is felt in multiple ways.

As an…

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