Who designed the Bitcoin logo?

The bright orange Bitcoin (BTC) logo, for over a decade, has become synonymous with financial freedom amid modern-day recession and stringent governmental oversight. However, unlike the mysteries tied to Bitcoin’s origin, the development of the Bitcoin ‘₿’ logo is fairly documented in the depths of the internet. 

When Bitcoin was introduced 13 years ago by creator Satoshi Nakamoto, the first iteration of the Bitcoin logo represented a gold coin with a “BC” text embedded in the center, as shown below.

However, on February 24, 2010, Nakamoto came up with a new Bitcoin logo, which saw the replacement of the “BC” text with “₿” embedded within the gold coin.

Satoshi Nakamoto’s second attempt on Bitcoin logo. Source: bitcointalk.org

Based on community feedback, Satoshi then incorporated changes into the new logo and released the copyright-free images into the public domain. The logo then went on to be accepted as the official logo for Bitcoin for a short amount of time.

Satoshi Nakamoto incorporates design changes based on community feedback. Source: bitcointalk.org

The decentralized nature of the Bitcoin ecosystem allows the general public to contribute to the…

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