Why choosing crypto as legal tender could be an economic disaster for Caribbean

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Latin America and the Caribbean are emerging as favourite locations for crypto developers seeking to get their crypto-currencies selected as legal currency tenders. As per reports, the developers of some mainstream digital currencies are on a hunt to find a suitable country to have their cryptos accepted by law in the settlement of debts. In other words, this can be defined as a legal abutment to use a digital currency as a replacement for fiat currency in terms of regular use.

Since the introduction of cryptocurrencies in 2009, it has experienced massive growth in value, utility and popularity, however as it is not backed by any other asset making them highly volatile to regular value downfalls.

Sources told Associates Times that five very popular crypto developers are currently in the Caribbean region, endeavouring to talk off the governments in using their digital currencies as legal tenders. The developers are touring the region in the ultra-luxury yachts and private planes to reach the head of governments of some Small Island Developing States (SIDS), trying to get the action.

Why are they trying to reach Caribbean heads of government?

Even though these island countries in the Caribbean are small, these nations offer a safe, secure economic environment. If these countries accept the proposals of crypto developers, it will help increase the value of their digital currencies. For instance, a developer’s crypto coin is valued at $1000, but if any of the countries declare to use it as a legal tender, it would eventually increase the value by more than ten times, resulting in huge profits for the developers.

Not only that, sources suggest that these developers are also offering the governments a lot of money to get the legal tender approval of their cryptocurrencies.

The sources confirmed to Associates Times that these developers are trying to lure the government heads into thinking that cryptocurrencies are the future and a replacement for fiat currencies.

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