Zimbabwe: ‘We Have a Common Position With Business’

Following the May 7 Presidential Announcement to stabilise the exchange rate and rein in on rising inflation, there has been speculation that the government-business relationship is becoming strained. The Herald Correspondent Gibson Nyikadzino (GN) had a wide-ranging interview with Finance and Economic Development Minister Prof Mthuli Ncube (PN) in which he spoke about when banks will be allowed to resume lending, the common position shared between Government and business, the economic successes registered so far and if there is a possibility to adopt the Bitcoin as a stabilising currency. Below are the excerpts:


GN: In this environment, what mechanisms have Government placed to cushion the ordinary person from the current inflation and tax policies and at the same time protect their salaries?

PN. Government is already doing something to ensure that the citizen is better protected. Making transportation available. President Mnangagwa announced that in addition to ZUPCO, that monopoly has been suspended and other operators will come in to create competition.

The second thing is that when it comes to the taxes, in terms of the tax bracket, in our last budget we had made…

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